Dylan Grigg

The journey to here

Owning a vineyard and starting a wine label was not on the 'to do list' in 2019 as I had only just returned with my young family from living in Spain. But when the opportunity to take ownership of a significantly old and character filled vineyard in the heart of the Barossa came up, it all made sense.

I grew up in the Barossa Valley, my family were not directly involved in wine but in this region there was always some association, as you would expect living in such a well established and historic growing region.

The calling to 'home' and owning our own piece of the Barossa Valley was a global journey of experiences and relationships. It involved living in Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and many overseas trips. Every trip for the last 25 years has been an exploration of viticulture and wine, lucky for us many wine regions are in beautiful places with warm welcoming people and a common love of sharing experiences. 

From a school age I knew I wanted to work with my hands, initially this was as an apprentice chef but I soon I found myself pruning in my hometown of Lyndoch, in the Barossa Valley. This was the beginning of what turned a less than enthusiastic school student into a full scale viticulture nerd, somehow leading to earning a PhD in grapevine age and now an international consultant and vineyard owner with a small wine label.

I have now been involved in viticulture for more than 25 years, working as an independent viticulture consultant since 2008. My practical viticulture skills started on the ground, I have countless hours driving tractors, training vines and walking rows scouting for disease and disorders and tasting fruit to determine the best time to harvest.

Today when I am not in my own vineyard I am in high demand to share my knowledge and practical experience in vineyards where ever I go. You can read more about me at my consulting site below:

Meristem Viticulture

Meristem is Dylan's freelance viticultural business, based in South Australia and working with vineyards all over Australia and the world.

More about Meristem HERE.