Shipping + Delivery Policy

We send our wines via Kaddy and where they don't have coverage wine will be sent via Australia Post. Some lucky people will have their wine delivered by me (Dylan) as I travel around visiting vineyards for work.

Wines will be dispatched from the warehouse in the Adelaide Hills on a weekly basis, and if there is any delay in shipping following an order I will write to advise. In general, this means it will take 7-10 days for delivery.

Shipping Prices HERE.

Heat Policy

We take utmost care from the vineyard to the bottle and with storage, we have a policy to not dispatch any wine when temperatures will be elevated or above 35 degrees in SA for more than one day.

Returns Policy

In accordance with South Australian law, our returns policy is in place for wine bottles that are deemed faulty, not fit for purpose, or don't match the description. Please contact us on dylan@vinyavella.com to discuss a refund or replacement.



What is Vinya Vella?

This is the name of the vineyard that we own, farm and make wine from, it is a reference to a formative period of time when we lived in Catalunya. The small village of Palau Saverdera was our home with our two sons and daughter who was born in nearby Figueres, the birthplace and home of Salvador Dali.

Why make wine?

The Vinya Vella wine (and soon to be wines) is an extension and expression of my viticultural background and extensive time in cellars with clients and friends. This is a chance to share my passion and knowledge of viticulture in another form, to a new audience, in a delicious, honest and enjoyable way. It's a project that will evolve with time as we start from the ground up.

Who is runs the show? 

Most of this endeavour is me, Dr Dylan Grigg with the support of my family -  my Dad for one (the vineyard manager) is always on-site when I cannot be. I also have amazing support and advice from good friends around me all the time such as Mac Forbes, Gareth Belton, Dave Fletcher and Pete Schell, to name a few. My wife Natasha is good at the finance and legal side and reality checks while I have my hands dirty pulling weeds or pruning. Beth Bicknell has been very helpful and encouraging from day one with the digital side of things while I learn a new skill. Pulling all that together and finding time to taste dream and learn, well that's me again.

Contacting Us

Send an email to: dylan@vinyavella.com and I (Dylan) will answer your emails. Please be patient, as when I am not on the ground in Vinya Vella I am often travelling to vineyards nationally and internationally. If you want to get in contact give me a call or message 0409 996 320.

Want to know more about old vines?

I have spent a long time thinking, reading and studying old vines. This was the subject of my PhD research, if you want the full story it is 70,000 words long.... the pdf is here. Or, there are several abridged versions online from interviews or video presentations, such as at the International Old Vines conference with Tim Aitken which can be found here

Old Vines

The bottle says old vines, you may think "I'm not sure if I taste the old vines in the wine?" Trust us you do. There is no substitute to grapes that have grown on a vine that has been in the ground scavenging water and nutrients for over a century being gnarled by the elements and time. Have a look at the pictures on this page the Instagram's or come out and visit with me some time to get a real sense of the age and  how special this place is.

Is there only one wine?

For now yes, the site is small, less than 6ha and it is all Grenache. I am a viticulturist and I am starting small to build and grow as my audience for this wine grows so we can share in the journey. If you are reading this the treat will be that there will be a light Rosé released in Spring 2022, one small barrel only, ahead of the second release of the main event Grenache in early 2023. 

Wine Storage

We suggest storing your wines in a cool, dark place, preferably on their side.

For How Long?

This wine is made to be shared and enjoyed, we don't have a catalog of wines to know precisely. Given the structure and style, the wine will sing from the moment it arrives and for the next 5-7 years at least. This section will be updated as we learn and produce more vintages.

Why Cork?

We like the visual appeal and ceremony of opening a bottle with a cork, given the very small amounts of wine that are made this fits, each one is a special bottle from us to you from vines that I have personally pruned, thinned and worked. Plus, that sound, not to mention we could put a neat message inside the bottle that way too.